Fine diameter 0.5mm cords to 10mm ropes

We are trade suppliers and customise many of our cords, ropes, elastics, ribbons, tapes and webbing to order. 
We can supply most item in cut-lengths to order(minimums will apply, item/length dependent)
If you cannot find exactly what you require please email us with the details.

If you require a sample please go HERE

0.5mm cords

Ultrafine Cords 0.5mm Approx.

1mm-2mm cords

Cords approx 1mm-2mm diameter

2.5mm-3.9mm cords

Cords 2.5mm to 3.9mm Approx.

4mm cord

4mm Approx.Cords

5mm to 6mm cord

Approx. 5mm to 6mm  cords

8mm+ Cords and All Ropes

8mm+ Cords & All ropes


  Trade Wholesale suppliers: Tel: +441978720072.(Non-standard ring-tone may apply).
  Where quality counts.  If your order is under the minimum order value of £35.00 net that we can process, please search site for "Top-up".

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