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10cm (4") Snips.

10cm Chrome Plated Thread Snips

10cm Chrome Plated Thread Snips£15.53

10cm (4") Chrome plated Thread Snips. (The professionals choice)

Poppa-pliers for 10mm & 12mm

Poppa-pliers for 10mm & 12mm£6.45

Pop-fastener pliers

Economy Tailors Shears

Economy Tailors Shears£11.65  -  £14.60

20cm(8") & 25cm (10") Economy Tailoring shears.



20cm(8") Pinking shears.

32mm Plastic-headed stainless steel pin

32mm Plastic-headed stainless steel pin£9.19

32mm long Stainless Steel coloured plastic headed pins. Sold in packs of 1000pcs.

Heavy-Duty pressfastener

Heavy-Duty pressfastener£18.88  -  £212.87

Heavy Duty Ring spring pressfastener. 051B = Brass based rustless. 051S = Steel based rustable

Metal Boning White 20m coil

Metal Boning White 20m coil£24.15  -  £25.17

White plastic covered metal boning 20m coils.


Woven-"Rigilene-style"-Polyester-Boning-Box£6.16  -  £15.08

Woven "Rigilene" style polyester Boning.

Fibreglass Tape-measure, (White) Sold in 6's

Fibreglass Tape-measure, (White) Sold in 6's£3.48

Fibreglass Tape-measures.



11cm (4") Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors.


Tweezers£1.27  -  £2.25

Stainless steel precision forcep tweezers. Straight & bent.

Unpicker-Seam ripper

Unpicker-Seam ripper£1.23

Unpicker/Seam ripper Sold individually. Minimum order 3pcs.



9cm (3-1/2") Long Blade Stainless steel embroidery scissors.

Thread stand

Thread stand£7.45

Single cone stand for industrial thread cones.

Iron-on hemming web 100m roll

Iron-on hemming web 100m roll£9.95

Fusible Hemming web(25mm) 100m roll

Lef tHanded Cutting out Scissors

Lef tHanded Cutting out Scissors£10.40

18cm(7")left Handed Stainless steel Sewing/Cutting out Scissors.

Sewing Scissors

Sewing Scissors£9.67

13cm(5") & 15cm (6") Stainless steel Sewing Scissors.

Sewing-Cutting out Scissors

Sewing-Cutting out Scissors£9.67  -  £14.64

18cm(6")& 20cm(8")Stainless steel Sewing/Cutting out Scissors.

Tagging gun & tags

Tagging gun & tags£3.87  -  £22.37

Tagging gun & tags.

Tailors Shears

Tailors Shears£22.58  -  £23.20

20cm(8") & 25cm (10") Tailoring shears.



Twill covered plastic boning.

Iron-on hemming web 8 metre cards

Iron-on hemming web 8 metre cards£0.97

Fusible Hemming web(20mm)8 metre (approx) blister packed on cards.

Dressmakers marking pencils

Dressmakers marking pencils£5.83

Dressmakers marking pencils. Sold in units of 10pcs in 4 options.

Magnetic bag fastener

Magnetic bag fastener£35.55  -  £37.69

Magnetic bag fasteners. Sold in units of 100pcs.

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Page 1 of 4:    89 Items

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