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32mm Plastic-headed stainless steel pin

32mm Plastic-headed stainless steel pin£9.56

32mm long Stainless Steel coloured plastic headed pins. Sold in packs of 1000pcs.

48mm Glass-headed nickel-plated steel pin

48mm Glass-headed nickel-plated steel pin£32.32

48mm long Nickel plated (Silver)Steel pins. Coloured plastic headed. Sold in packs of 1000pcs.

Domestic sewing machine needles

Domestic sewing machine needles£2.24  -  £3.22

Highest quality precision made japanese made domestic Sewing machine needles. Sold in 10's

Hand Sewing needles

Hand Sewing needles£0.74

Hand Sewing needles. Various items & sizes



Steel Kilt pins, nickel plated(silver). Sold in units of 25pcs. No bulk stock of 100mm currently available, sorry.

Premium Safety pins

Premium Safety pins£17.40  -  £26.13

Mild Steel Premium safety pins, brass, black and nickel plated(silver) options. See item for pack size/Quantity.

Standard-Economy Safety pins

Standard-Economy Safety pins£12.24  -  £26.16

Steel safety pins, brass and nickel plated(silver). Sold in units of 1 great gross (12 x 144 (1728)).


StraightPins£4.26  -  £15.50

Steel pins, nickel plated(silver). Sold in units of 1 pack (100g or 500g).


T-Pins£11.03  -  £11.12

32mm, 38mm & 51mm long "T" pins in packs of 227g.

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

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