Cotton/Acrylic Ticket-Label cord

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Sales unit = Kg

Product information below.
Our fine (0.6mm approx.) cotton/acrylic (50/50 blend) label/ticket cord is sold by weight on variable weight cones (Approx. 1Kg cones). It has a yield of approximately 4200m per Kg. It is normally available within 48 hrs in the colours listed in the drop-down field above. See image left for representation. Colours listed from top to bottom.

The approximate yield is 4200m per Kg. Discounts start at just 5 reels.

Label/ticket cord sold by weight(Kg) (approximately 4200m per Kg).

This item could be supplied to order in cut lengths(minimum 5Kg cut).

Label and hang-tag cord sold by weight(Kg).