3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg

3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg
3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg
3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg3mm(Approx) White mask/ear-loop cord by Kg
Unit price.:  £37.96(Exc. 20% VAT.).

Bulk order discount bands:  Discounts of 5% and 12.5% are available when you order 20 and 40 units or more of this product.

Code::  3mm-nylon-spandex-mask-ear-loop-cord

Sales/pricing unit = Sold by Kg(minimum order 2Kg)
Due to the pack size we have received the minimum order will shortly increase to 4Kg in the near future.

Available to order from stock. It has an approximate per Kg yield of 860-900m when relaxed.

Product information.
Our specialist white 3mm(Approx) nylon/spandex elasticated cord(without natural rubber) is commonly used for masks and ear-loops. It was developed to run on most automatic and manual machinery. it works. Suitable for ultrasonic welding on disposable face masks. It is comfortable for those using masks repeatedly/all day.

See also our 4mm flat option.

It is sold in poly-bags by weight in Kg's. It has an approximate unstretched yield of 880m per Kg(due to the manufacturing process this item can vary between 860m & 900m per Kg)  It has an approximate extension of 340%. I.e. 200mm will stretch to 640mm, 1m to 3.4m at its extreme. It is supplied continuous "lapped" in variable weight bags approximately 2Kg*.

To order this item simply select the quantity in the field above then click "ADD TO BASKET".  Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

Fibre content %, advised to us by the manufacturer is:  70% nylon and 30% spandex**.

This item is made in the same factory as regular elastic. Whilst it is made on it's own specialist machinery , in a dedicated area and packaged into ply bags directly as it is expressed from the machine it is possible its constituent yarns could have made contact with latex at some point their manufacturing journey.

All information is provided in good faith, and as it has been provided to us by the manufacturer. The purchaser is advised to conduct their comprehensive testing regime to determine suitability for their individual requirements.

* Delivered weight: Due to nature of the packing you agree that the order will be deemed complete on delivered weights of +10% to - 6%.
** We do not currently have any independent testing results for this item. The fibre content information is provided to us by the manufacturing mill and passed on in good faith. The supplier is a good, longstanding supplier, so we have no reason to determine that is would be otherwise.

Cutting services are not available for this item

Data sheet.

If you only require a small quantity of this item please use TrueTrim.com HERE.

Data sheet.

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