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P.S. For and on behalf of UK Sewing Services & SupplyDivision Ltd. We have no objection to you storing our business contact details, including bank account and sort code information in an encrypted format for the sole purpose of conducting business between ourselves and, where applicable as required by law and for no other purposes whether advised or implied. We expressly forbid you, without or written consent, to pass any of our details to any third party for any purpose other than as required by law. P.P.S. Once you become a SupplyDivision customer, you will receive emails from us regarding your account, orders etc. We will also advise you of product updates, new products and services as they become available and pricing information so you are up to date on things. if you wish not to know about these, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you receive or email us with a request to delete your data, which we will action without delay, it's as simple as that. Don't forget, if you just need a small quantity of our items for sampling or prototypes please go to TrueTrim.com. Test certificates and suitability for purpose are the responsibility of the purchaser who should independently determine that the product purchased is suitable for their particular application. Have you read our recent "NEWS/BLOG" page? When you have a spare 5 mins visit it & stay one step ahead of the competition, keep up to date on new products and services, news and not to be missed special offers. It just might save you money! This electronic mail message and any document(s) attached is intended only for the person, persons, entity, or entities to which it is addressed, it does not necessarily represent the views of UK Sewing Services, SupplyDivison, SupplyDivision Ltd or it's authorised agents and may contain confidential and/or privileged materials. Emails to and from us may pass through, be monitored and/or stored in cache or permanently on servers outside our control and may be read by individuals, agencies or organisations not directly authorised by you or us to do so. The medium should not be used to send us personal or sensitive data unless encrypted. If you receive an email in error from us, please contact the sender and delete the material from your computer. In order to continually refine our service standards, calls to SupplyDivision Limited and UK Sewing Services may be monitored and recorded. Here at UK Sewing - SupplyDivsion & TrueTrim we operate a postmaster email system. This generally means that all emails to and from us pass through a single postmasters box where after auto-scanning they are additionally manually inspected, scanned and if acceptable/clean are then distributed internally or externally as required. This will inevitably insert a small delay in your emails reaching their desired recipient. However due the prolific nature of unsolicited spam and infected material circulating we believe this is a far more secure option than the alternatives. If you have provided VAT registration or similar legal information to us you declare that such information is true and accurate and that you agree to pay any outstanding VAT and fines or penalties levied onto us by any governing authority should said information be incorrect or inaccurate. Please ensure you use a quality encryption program if you intend to email us with sensitive data, in a self decrypting file. We will also need the password to decrypt prior to receiving it. Orders paid for by card are transferred and assigned to and processed by SupplyDivision Ltd who shall may a payment processing charge (not a card surcharge). Your transaction may be assigned to either SupplyDivision Ltd (generally orders or accounts which have been paid for by card) or UK Sewing Services(generally all other orders). These are two separate legal entities and should not be considered as one. If you require advice on any processing charges please ensure you request that before you select your payment method or provide payment details. We operate a fully electronic bank account and as such incur considerable charges for deposits other than electronic transfers. Payments by cash over the counter at a bank will attract a "cash handling charge" of 3%. J&J Sissons t/a UK Sewing Services. SupplyDivision is a trading style/name of UK Sewing Services as allowed under licence from SupplyDivision Limited. TrueTrim is a trading style/name of SupplyDivision Limited which is a separate legal entity from UK Sewing Services' partnership.As with all on-line communications this e-mail cannot be guaranteed as originating with us and may have been forged, intercepted or tampered with, altered or had attachments added or removed without our knowledge. Please take care when opening attachments. The sole terms, along with our privacy notice, governing the supply of goods or services to you, by either UK Sewing Services or SupplyDivision Limited can be seen at: www.supplydivision.co.uk/infopage.htm. No other terms whatsoever, whether implied or expressed to us will be accepted by us(not withstanding those provided for by UK or EU legislation). If you do not agree that our terms shall be the governing terms for transactions between us you are advised not to order from us. If you have already finalised your order you may cancel it(except for special order or bespoke items) and return the goods to us in a re-merchantable condition within 5 working days of dispatch, to qualify for our standard credit on account offer. Cut items may vary in length/quantity +/- 3%.




We are trade wholesale suppliers, we are not retailers. We can only supply goods or services under our terms and conditions of sale and cannot accept any other terms whether implied or appended to or on any customer purchase orders.

We supply many differing qualities of each article to satisfy all price & quality points. If you cannot see the particular product or service you require please email us
Prices offered on-line are approximately 5% less than those offered "on account". By ordering on-line you can avoid both the small order processing charge which is attracted to manually in-putted orders under £125,00 net AND any non T/T/BACS payment service provision charges which may apply to manually processed orders.  A TRIPLE BONUS if there ever was one!

Privacy & cookies: We do not store your information for any purpose other than to do business with you. When we do sore your information we take care to ensure it is kept securely and treated with respect. We have always done that, even prior to the GDPR laws. We do not pass your information on to third-parties, except where dictated by EU law. You may request details of all the information/data we have about you at any time and can request we amend or delete it and we shall honour and action that without delay. We use cookies only to ensure your movement on our site can be understood by us and the site developers so we can improve our service to you and to ensure any products placed in your shopping basket are available to you in the check-out. Our cookies are designed to expire when you leave our site and not track further. We have no control over cookies placed in your browser by other sites, search engines etc that you have visited previously. If you have arrived at our site via another site they may have placed tracking cookies in your browser. You can amend your cookie handling preference from within your browser to ensure they are not brought forward with you if you elect to do so.

We are specialists in press fastener, eyeleting & button covering machinery and supply all major types of press fasteners, eyelets, rivets, studs & grommets. Our machinery range can be purchased or hired. We are stockists & suppliers of quality elastics, cords, sewing threads and miscellaneous sundries. From our offices & distribution centre's we supply any textile or print and packaging business, all branches of the sewing trades including high volume clothing manufacturers, shoe & upholstery manufacturers, wholesale sewing outlets and merchants, retail sewing shops here in the UK and world-wide. Print finishers, PR campaigns and bulk promotional goods sectors utilise us for solutions to their briefs.

We supply the ministry of defence, national, regional, district and local government, universities, colleges, and schools. Our ranges are extensive including sewing threads, spun polyester, corespun polyester cotton and corespun polyester, 100% cotton, bonded nylon, bulk polyester for over-locking, bag stitching thread, beading thread etc. We supply many widths of elastic in polyester, nylon and rayon. We can have elastic cords and tapes manufactured to your requirements, although minimum quantities will apply on special orders.

We have supplied the textile, needle trade, print and packaging industries for many years and are committed to the highest standards in service. All our customers are important to us whether they are large Multi-nationals manufacturing globally or small seamstress', tailors or other businesses with specific needs.

We normally dispatch goods on standard overnight services (UK) and are happy to export and quote to door or to port by air or sea. Our knowledgeable & friendly sales department will provide you with the highest standards of service and deliver your exact requirements rather than to just "sell you anything". If we can't supply we will be happy to give you the contact details for your particular requirement if we have them. We want your repeated business. All prices shown on this site are in GBP, pounds sterling, exclusive of VAT (UK sales tax if applicable) and handling / freight. 

Please familiarise yourself with our important information page prior to placing your order. 

SupplyDivision recommends thorough suitability trials are conducted on all items prior to production runs. All prices shown on this site are in GBP, pounds sterling, exclusive of VAT (UK sales tax if applicable) and handling / freight.

Please remember:  We are a business to business supplier, not a retailer ( a shop). By purchasing on this site you agree that our terms and conditions of sale shall be the sole, governing terms for the transaction(s) between us.

Thank you for visiting our site we look forward to supporting you into a profitable future.

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