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Sunday, 10 September 2017  |  Customer Services

Can you cut your ribbon, cord, elastic or ribbon? 
This is a common enquiry for us. 
We have capacity to cut and supply up to 1 million cut lengths per week(item dependent). 
Whenever possible we accommodate our clients requirements with pack size or specific packing requirements. We can pack items in small quantities, in hanks, bags or bulk, loose in cartons. Provide basic or decorative labels and are happy to apply labels provided to us to adhere to the pack. 
We are very flexible and are happy to work through the night or over weekends should need be. 
We stock some items in pre-cut lengths and "contract" cut our ribbon, tape, binding, webbing & elastic to our clients requirements.  We operate precision, hot or cold computer controlled cutting machinery. There re minimums which will apply which are usually determined by the item/length etc. 
Please feel free to contact us with details of your requirement. 
As always we thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to tell us if you are seeking something or would like a quote against an item you use lots of. 
Kind regards, 
P.S.  Don't forget, if you just need a small quantity of our items for sampling or prototypes please go to Test certificates and suitability for purpose are the responsibility of the purchaser who should independently determine that the product purchased is suitable for their particular application. Have you read our recent "NEWS/BLOG" page? When you have a spare 5 mins visit it & stay one step ahead of the competition, keep up to date on new products and services, news and not to be missed special offers. It just might save you money!  


1mm Waxed cotton cord cut lengths

From:  £10.00
Tape and webbing end
Tape and webbing end

Stitchable belt, tape or webbing end.

From:  £12.40
Flat 5mm wide elastic T Tag
Flat 5mm wide elastic T Tag

5mm Flat elastic made up into elastic T-tags. Approx 300 minimum(size dependant)



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