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Monday, 6 November 2017  |  Customer Services

SupplyDivision & back in stock.

We have managed to get some of our fine round Silver and Gold metallic elastic back in stock HERE.  Back orders for cones are shipping today so they should be received Tuesday 7th or Wednesday 8th (freight type dependent). Cutting is being expedited so shipping on those orders should start today. Rest assured we will be working 24/7 to get these out ASAP.

Due to the season we are expecting a run on it so cannot guarantee stocks will hold out until our bulk stock lands early Jan '18 so "casual" on-line orders may be declined once stock is exhausted.

Thank you for your patience with this.

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All Plastic Cord end. Sold in units of 100pcs.

Please see below for generous bulk order discounts.

100mm Circ-50mm Long Pretied Loop, 1000 pack.
100mm Circ-50mm Long Pretied Loop, 1000 pack.

Pre-tied elastic Loop 100mm Circ>>50mm Long 1000pcs

Luggage and Tag elastic: Colours
Luggage and Tag elastic: Colours

Fine Coloured luggage tag/mask elastic



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