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Bonded Nylon m13 Col:White 2000m


Product information below.
Sales unit = 1 x 2000m vicone.

Priced to clear:  This 2000m package is being replaced by a 1000m option. Please see HERE

This m13 / tex 210 highly technical strong bonded nylon thread put-up on 2000m cones. 
Recommended needle Size for m13's : Metric 140-180 ; Singer 22-24

Other shade/ticket options HERE.


This m13 / tex 210 highly technical bonded nylon thread put-up on 2000m cones. Other shade/ticket options HERE
The approximate reel dimensions are 150mm tall x 85mm diameter and the weight is approx 540g.

Techie stuff:
Ply: 3
Average Strength : cN 14,030 : Grams 14,306
Elongation % Min-Max  17-32
Recommended Needle Size*  Metric 140-180 ; Singer 22-24
* Needle size recommendations are a guide only and ultimately depend on the sewing application.

Nylon thread with a strong bond. This item is extremely lively(springy). It can sometimes become loose on the cone due to vibration or rough handling in transit. This is totally out of our control. Simply "easing" the tread back down the cone spindle will usually reset it. Failing that then we would always recommend the use of a tubular stocking over the cone to control the "flow" of thread coming off.

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