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End of Line-Linen (Dutch) Tape 50m reel

Sales unit = Only 19mm available to order.
Stock advice:
Only 19mm available to order from stock. See replacement option HERE.

Product information below.
Our beautiful, rustic "Dutch linen" tape is normally available from stock in 3 widths, 6mm, 10mm & 19mm. It is supplied in units of 50m. Please see above for bulk order discounts. If multiple 50m units are ordered we will always try to supply this in the longest single length possible (i.e. 1 unit = 50m reel, 2 units = 100m reel, etc. max 250m reel). 

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Unfortunately due to a rationalisation at the UK manufacturing mill they have deemed this item "no longer commercially viable to make". Regretfully the sales volumes on it have shrunk naturally over the years and as it is very expensive to weave(it's painfully slow coming off the looms) it has been earmarked to be dropped from the mills portfolio once current stocks on this item are exhausted.