Luggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weight

Luggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weight
Luggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weightLuggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weightLuggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weight
Luggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weightLuggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weightLuggage, Tag and Mask elastic Pre-cut Lengths by weight
Unit price.:  £40.85(Exc. 20% VAT.).

Bulk order discount bands:  Discounts of 5%, 10% and 12.5% are available when you order 11, 30 and 100 units or more of this product.

Code::  ELM128CUT200MM

Sales unit = 0.5Kg.(500gms, 1/2Kg)

Stock advice: Normally available for immediate dispatch.

Product information below.
Supplied by weight in 0.5Kg (1/2Kg)  increments: 1 unit = 0.5Kg, 2 units = 1Kg, 3 units =1.5Kg etc,). Please select the option and quantity you require from the drop-down fields above.
Please see above for bulk order discounts.

The approximate pieces per unit listed below is for guidance purposes only and, due to the manufacturing processes, could vary +/-10%*.  If your quantity is critical you should always calculate a minimum of +10% into your ordering quantities.  If you require a heavier option, please go HERE  If your quantity is very large and/or on-going please call us to discuss your requirements.

Size guide: Choose 420mm/460mm for adult masks. For childrens masks and regular tags choose 300mm (ties to approx 260mm>>130mm tag-loop), for "bottle necks" try 135mm (ties to approx 100mm>>50mm loop) 135mm is available in black only.

We can cut other sizes, if the size you require is not listed please call us. Minimums on "non-stock sizes start at 5Kg of elastic cut(approx1150m/kg).

If you would like us to quote for this item(or a cord, ribbon etc) "laced and tied" through your own tag, mask or label etc. we would be delighted to do so, minimums for this option start at just 5000pcs.

Would you prefer Gold or Silver cut lengths? Go HERE. Or for this item un-cut on cones? See

If you only require a small order quantity of this item or cannot meet our minimum order value please use HERE.

Fine luggage tag/mask elastic, approximately 1mm in diameter.*

Pre-cut lengths. Sold by weight in 0.5Kg(1/2Kg) increments. (See item in drop down menu above for approximate pcs per pack and below for pieces per Kg)

135mm = Approx 9000pcs per Kg, 200mm = Approx 6000pcs per Kg, 260mm = Approx 4600pcs per Kg, 300mm = Approx 4000pcs per Kg, 420mm = Approx 2900pcs per Kg, 460mm = Approx 2500pcs per Kg.
Standard applications are 200mm - 300mm hang tags & similar, 420mm+ masks. Use 460mm for adult masks & 260mm-300mm for childrens masks)

Please see Colour/Length options for yield. Minimum order 0.5Kg. The maximum extension on this item is 220%. i.e. 200mm will stretch to a maximum of 440mm, 420mm to a  maximum of 920mm etc. To order this item simply select the option from our stock sizes and the quantity in the fields above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.  Other sizes can be custom cut to order, minimums start at 10Kg cut apply.

Take the labour and time out of your tag job and concentrate on what you do best. We can lace your tags for you with any of our stock elastic(or custom cut elastic or cords etc). Minimums start at 5,000pcs, call us.

If you need a cheaper option you can purchase this item on reels and cut it yourself. Please see HERE & HERE or HERE.

It is possible for us to pack these items in small units, upwards from 5 individual lengths for the "end-user" to separate, loose in bags(sealed or open, loosely tied together in bags, sealed or open, loosely bulk packed in bags or cartons. Minimums, starting at 5kg per length will apply.

The minimum order for non-stock cut lengths in any available colour  of this particular item is 5Kg per colour.  

*Due to the nature of the manufacturing process pieces per Kg are advised for guidance only. The variance on such fine products, due to the covering yarn weight per metre, can be +/-10% so to avoid problems if quantity is vital you should always calculate this variance into your order.

  Made in Great Britain  .  

CofO = GB
HS = 56041000

This product is also known as:  m128 and/or m139, mask elastic, luggage tag elastic. air freshener elastic, tag elastic, EU1MC, EC4PESMC.




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