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Please ensure you familiarise yourself with any governing legislation and/or precautions regarding "toxic fumes" before embarking on any  heat-cutting of manmade fibre products.

These items are manufactured specifically for the cutting of man-made fibre cords, ropes, ribbons, tapes & webbing etc. There is no thermal regulator on these knives. They will just keep heating/re-heating to their operating temperature. The blade size is listed first and the power second. i.e. 80/150 has an 80mm long cutting blade and consumes approx 150w. The higher the wattage rating the hotter the knife will become/ or remain hot in use.

They are supplied in a number of variants as listed in the drop-down field above. Hand-held hot-knives are normally used to cut "man-made fibre" webbing, tapes & cords etc.

They are available with 3 sizes of blade length, 80mm, 110mm & 180mm, with 4 wattage options. (the higher the wattage the hotter the knife will be/stay in operation) Foot-operated "guillotine" options are also available, prices on application. We always recommend the use of protective clothing whilst operating any machinery. At the very least thermal protective gloves & eye protection should be worn whilst using hot-knives.

AKA: 44170000

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with any governing legislation and/or precautions regarding the use of heated tools and "toxic fumes" before use. The correct safety equipment is essential at all times when using this product, minimum recommendations are : heat resistant gloves and body coverall plus eye protection and also ensure suitable ventilation is available.

  Made in Great Britain  .  
This item is now produced to order in the UK. Despatch is normally within 7 days from payment/order processing. It may be manufactured from or contain imported components/constituent parts.

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