Fibreglass Tape-measure, assorted colours

Fibreglass Tape-measure, assorted colours
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Our coloured fibreglass tapemeasure is packed in dozens: 3 White, 3 Pink, 3 Blue & 3 Yellow.

Why fibreglass? Fibreglass tapes are used by professionals as, unlike "plastic" items, they don't shrink or stretch over time.

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Model:  Tape-measureAssortedColours

Fibreglass Tape-measure.  150cm(60") Do not confuse these with the "cheap" plastic items which stretch over time. This is a professionals tool.

Marked with millimetres/centimetres on one side & inches on the other. it is   packed in 12's(3 White, 3 Pink, 3 Blue & 3 Yellow).

Minimum order 1 pack (12 pcs). Please see above for bulk order discount options.

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