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3mm D/Satin ribbon cut 100pcs(Recycled yarn)

Sales Unit = 100pcs(minimum  order just 10 units (1000pcs)).
Stock advice: Bespoke, cut to order(Please see below).

A 3mm double satin ribbon made from recycled polyester (rPET), and cut to order.  We only currently offer Black, White & Red shades of our sustainable 3mm ribbon made from 100% recycled polyester from stock. Some other shades and widths can be forward ordered. Please contact us with details of your reequirements and we would be delighted to quote on those. It is sold in units of 100pcs. The minimum order per shade is 10 units, (1000pcs).

Dispatch on the 3 shades above is normally within 7 days of order(quantity dependent). If your order is urgent or large(10k+) please call to check availability..

rPET:  Sustainable product: Made with yarn produced from certifiable recycled product.

 3mm double satin ribbon made from recycled polyester (rPET) & cut to order.

  Made in Great Britain  .