Luggage and Tag elastic Ecru-White-Kg

Luggage and Tag elastic Ecru-White-Kg
Luggage and Tag elastic Ecru-White-KgLuggage and Tag elastic Ecru-White-KgLuggage and Tag elastic Ecru-White-Kg
Unit price(Exc. VAT):  £41.08(Exc. 20% VAT.).(£49.30 Inc. VAT(Approx))
Bulk order Discount bands:  Discounts of 5%, 10% and 12.5% are available when you order 11, 30 and 100 units or more of this product.

Product information below.
Sales unit = 1Kg.
If you only require a small quantity of this item please use HERE.

This fine Ecru/Natural white elastic is sold by weight (Kg's) on variable weight (approx 1Kg)cones. It is popularly used for masks, luggage tags, product labels etc.  

To order this item simply select the required Kg quantity in the field above(approx 1200m per Kg) then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically. Image is for guidance purposes only. Spool size may vary from 67mm to 70mm internally.

Other options:
Please see HERE for currently available colours & HERE for Black.
This item is also offered in pre-cut lengths HERE & pre-tied loops HERE, HERE & HERE. Go HERE for metallic options.



Model:  m128LuggagetagelasticEcruKg

Fine Ecru/ natural white luggage tag / mask elastic

The  sales unit is 1Kg. It is currently sold by the weight on variable weight cones. Approx yield for this item is 1200m(+/-6%) per KgThe internal diameter of the spool is approximately 70mm. See above for discount bands. The maximum extension on this item is 220%. i.e. 1m will stretch to a maximum of 2.2m.

Please see HERE for colours & HERE for Black

This elastic is sold by the weight, currently on variable weight cones.  It has an approximate yield of 1200m(+/-6%) per Kg. The images (left) are for illustration purposes, from time to time the cone style/type may vary.

Please note, whilst we always attempt to hit the quantity ordered exactly, this item is put-up on variable weight cones so we reserve the right to dispatch between +15% to - 7.5% variance weight on the quantity ordered and still call the order complete.

*Due to the complexity in producing this fine covered elastic the variance of metres per Kg, due to the quantity of yarn per metre, is +/-6%. If exact length is vital then you must calculate this variance into your ordering quantity. Core inner approximately 64mm x 170mm(cardboard) and 73 x 110mm(plastic).

If the option/quantity you require is not listed/available please email us with details of your requirements.

If you only require a small order quantity of this item please go to HERE.

This product is also known as: m128 and/or m139, ME02, mask elastic, luggage tag elastic, label elastic, air freshener elastic, tag elastic, EU4PCOTDE, EU1MC, EC4PESMC.


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