20mm Standard weave Polypropylene webbing

20mm Standard weave Polypropylene webbing
Unit price(Exc. VAT):  £19.68(Exc. 20% VAT.).(£23.62 Inc. VAT(Approx))
Bulk order Discount bands:  Discounts of 7.5%, 10% and 20% are available when you order 5, 10 and 200 units or more of this product.

Product information below.
Sales unit = 100m.
If you only require a small quantity of this item or cannot meet our minimum order value then please use TrueTrim.com HERE.

Our 20mm (3/4") wide plain weave polypropylene webbing is supplied in units of 100m. Please see above for bulk order discounts.

To order simply select the correct option and quantity in the field(s) above then click "ADD TO BASKET".  Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

This item could be supplied to order in cut-lengths. We can cut this to any length from 20mm to 100m.

Model:  20mmStandardweavePolypropylenewebbing

A 20mm traditional, plain weave Polypropylene webbing. Sold in 100m units. Please see drop-down menu above for current colour options. The roll weight is approx.1600gms.

If your requirement is over 5000m please email us with details and we would be delighted to quote.

Please see above for bulk order discount bands or enter a "dummy order" onto the system for the quantity you require and then view the shopping basket. You can then quit, save to a wish list or proceed to a secure check-out.

This item could be supplied in cut-lengths. Minimums(item dependant, length/width/colour etc.) will apply. Please email-us with details for a quote.

If the option/quantity you require is not listed/available please email us with details of your exact requirements. 

If you only require a small quantity of this item please try TrueTrim.com HERE.

Polypropylene is relatively inexpensive but has excellent properties.
High tenacity strength is available (Up to 7g/den).
Elongation – up to 25% at break point.
Abrasion – polypropylene has good resistance to abrasion.
Moisture – polypropylene is not affected by moisture. It is lighter than water and will usually float.
Temperature – the melting point is 160°C. It is not really suitable for high temperature applications. Low temperature resistance is very good maintaining strength and flexibility down to -70°C.
Polypropylene is inert to most common chemicals. This make is very suitable for chemical resistance applications.


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Generous bulk order discounts.

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