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100mm Circ-50mm Long Pretied Loop, 1000 pack.
100mm Circ-50mm Long Pretied Loop, 1000 pack.

Pre-tied elastic Loop 100mm Circ>>50mm Long 1000pcs

Tough 25mm Woven elastic 100m
Tough 25mm Woven elastic 100m

Tough-pull 25mm Woven elastic supplied 25m rolls

Metallic Pre-tied Bow Loop, 10 sizes, 50 or 100 packs.
Metallic Pre-tied Bow Loop, 10 sizes, 50 or 100 packs.

Metallic elastic Pre-tied Bow-Loop : Available in 10 sizes & 3 finishes. Supplied in units of 50 or 100 pieces per colour per size (circumference). Maximum recommended stretch 2 x original length.

From:  £5.00

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