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B2B sample request:   We hate forms too, but unfortunately they are a necessity. In order to provide you with the best possible support, all fields marked * are mandatory.

We receive quite a volume of sample requests. Many are from individuals and consumers requiring smaller, retail quantities. That isn't our business model, we are trade wholesalers, bulk suppliers, we are not retailers. We are happy to supply samples against genuine trade and bulk order enquiries, but not against small or retail order quantities. It simply isn't cost effective, we are sure you will understand that. Please ensure you are familiar with the minimum order quantity and, if applicable the lead-time, for the item you are enquiring about and also our current minimum order value. For smaller order quantities for prototyping or trialling and/or making up of your samples etc, please use 

Samples sent under plain label to your client: If you require the samples sending direct to your client/customer please use the "delivery address" or "note" fields to provide their details. Please also advise if the sample(s) should go under plain cover/label or not. 

Please remember we are trade suppliers, 
NOT retailers.
We can only provide an initial set of free of charge samples against an enquiry, subsequent samples may be chargeable. We're sure you can understand, it isn't cost effecetive to supply multiple batches of samples against the same enquiry. Please take time to ensure you request the correct item(s). We offer a sampling site at should you require more than a "cutting" to produce your samples/prototypes etc. Goods and services are supplied under our terms and conditions of sale and no other. All samples, services and products are supplied solely under our terms and conditions, see important information, we do not agree to accept any other purchase terms and conditions, whether implied or supplied to us in any format whatsoever, other than those prescribed for in UK law. We recommend you carry out comprehensive and/or independent tests to determine that any product purchased is suitable for your intended application and the jurisdiction(s) it is intended to be used in.

Besides supplying "regular commercial clients" we provide components for PPE, medical applications and to some "critical" industries. We are processing and dispatching orders without issue. and will continue to do so even if the region or country returns to full lock-down.

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We look forward to providing you with a quality product and/or service for a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. We are always pleased to receive your comments on our products or services, please feel free to tell us what you think of our products or services, good or the "other" kind.

Thank you for taking time to request our assistance.

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