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Waxed cord tied loops 100 pack


Sales unit = 100pcs.
Stock advice: Normally available for immediate dispatch from stock.

Product information below.
This item is sold in units of 100pcs. Once logged in please see above for bulk order discounts. Our 1mm waxed* cotton cord loop is produced in the UK and is available off the shelf in our UK standard 200>>100mm sizing. A 200mm circ. loop, 100mm(from knot to the bottom of the loop) long loop. This natural waxed cotton is a popular choice for those wanting to ensure their packaging is biodegradable, no need to separate from a paper tag when recycling. 
If your quantity is very large and/or on-going please call us to discuss your requirements.

Perhaps you would are you seeking a slightly thicker cord? Try our jute option HERE.

Warning: Injury may be sustained if you attempt to break this loop by hand. DO NOT attempt to break these loops with your hands.

* Whilst this item is generally referred to as "waxed" in the trade, it is actually coated with corn starch then highly polished to appear waxed. Please note: This item is approximatley 85% cotton and 15% polyester.

Produced in the UK.

Our 1mm(approx)natural waxed cotton, tied into loops. Sold in units of 100pcs. Please see above for bulk order discounts.  Currently available in 3 options off the shelf in a 200mm  circ 100mm long loop(from knot to bottom of the loop) this natural waxed cotton is the obvious choice for biodegradable items. As with all natural products this item can vary slightly in shade and diameter, which for most, in addition to its biodegradable nature, is its "charm".