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m12(Tex210)GlacÚ(Glazed) polyester / cotton corespun


Sales unit = 1 cone(minimum order 5 cones).

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Product information below.
Highest specification m12 (Tex 210) Glacé(Glazed) polyester / cotton corespun thread. (Minimum order 5 cones) per colour. If it is possible to say that a thread is "beautiful" then it would apply to this. It's lovely to handle, it's lovely to use and it looks beautiful when stitched. There we are, we said it!
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This is a high specification m12 (Tex 210) Glacé(Glazed) polyester / cotton corespun thread. Please see above bulk order discount bands.

Sold on cones of 2500m (1000m also available to order, Min 20x1000m per shade).

The minimum order for this item is 5 cones. The approximate cone dimensions are 195mm tall x 100mm across the base.  It has an approximate weight of 750g per 2500m cone.

Techie stuff:
Physical and chemical properties of polyester corespun with cotton wrap glacé:
Thermal Properties:
• Polyester melts at 250 - 260°C, softens at 220 - 240°C
• Cotton discolours after prolonged exposure to high temperatures
• Thread shrinkage less than 1% @ 150°C
Chemical Properties:
• Mineral acids: Polyester: is resistant to most mineral acids
Cotton: disintegrates in hot dilute and cold concentrated acids
• Alkalis: Polyester: essentially unaffected by weak alkalis, but less resistant to stronger alkalis, especially at higher temperatures
Cotton: swells in caustic, no appreciable strength loss
• Organic solvents: Polyester: generally unaffected, but soluble in some phenolic compounds
Cotton: degraded by some solvents
• Bleaching:  Polyester: unaffected Cotton: bleached by hypochlorite and peroxides
• Insects /  Polyester: unaffected microorganisms Cotton: degrades but can be treated (mildew, rot): with special finishes
• Laundering / dry cleaning: Unaffected
• Moisture regain: Polyester: 0.4%, Cotton: 8%
Fastness properties:
• Washing at 60°C (ISO 105 C10:2006 C(3)) Grade 4
• Water Fastness
 (ISO 105 E01:2010)  Grade 4
• Rub Fastness (ISO 105 X12:2001) Grade 4
• Hypochlorite Fastness (ISO 105 N01:1993) Grade 4
• Dry Cleaning Fastness (ISO 105 D01:2010)  Grade 4
• Perspiration Fastness (ISO 105 E04:2009) Grade 4
• Artificial Light Fastness (ISO 105 B02:1994)  Grade 4
These fastness grades represent minimum performance levels and, in practice, the majority of shades will exceed these levels.

These specifications are given as guidance and can be subject to alteration or change without notice. Please contact us before you order this item if you require the most current data.