Discreet Purchasing

What is "Discreet Purchasing".
We were recently asked to supply goods by a client and substitute a product code of their choosing on our invoice as opposed to the product code we would naturally have used. Items purchased from elsewhere and supplied by us with a neutral or "bland" product description on our invoice. In essence we were instructed what to purchase for the clients and then supply it with a product description so only the buyer would know what the item is (not for illegal purposes we might add!).

On some occasions it is in the purchasers interests not to be associated with the purchase of a specific item(s) or supplier, not to have an entry on their card or bank statement which they would have difficulty explaining or justify to someone/others. Birthdays, anniversaries other,  "personal" reasons etc. there are many reasons.
There is also the not so insignificant benefit of the purchaser isolating themselves from the sellers and the almost covert snooping of web-giants who aspire to track how many breaths a day we take or to know our inner, intimate thoughts. If we buy it then it's not in your purchase history on-line and our history becomes "muddled" and extremely eclectic.
In simple terms the buyer is anonymised from the seller and the internet without having to resort to slinking around the “dark-web” where many unsavoury and abhorrent actors lurk. Safely avoiding the inherent dangers associated with such a grim and dangerous place.  A card purchase or bank transfer to us is neatly explained as our name will probably already be known as a "neutral" or mundane reference.  We have a 30+ year track record of supplying goods.  We have honour and integrity. We are discreet, very discreet. We will not disclose details of any transaction to anyone other than the purchaser*. We don't care what we buy on your behalf. We don't judge. We don’t care about your religion, political views, weight, height, colour, gender, location, anything. Everyone is treated in exactly the same neutral way. As long as the item is legal to trade in the UK we will obtain or source it on your behalf.

When commissioned to perform a "discreet purchase", if we accept the commission we are happy to be open and transparent about our service charge. We would charge 10% of the cost of procuring the goods, although a minimum charge of £25.00 applies to all transactions. We pass on the terms that the original supplier offer as long as they are not in direct contadiction to our terms and conditions of sale. Your legal rights are unaffcted by this.  Refunds for returns will be made within 14 days from the day we receive the credit from the original supplier. Refunds are subject to our standard transaction charge(s) and our standard terms and conditions.

We would prefer to purchase the item directly from your chosen supplier. If you require the item specially sourced there will be a fair search or service charge applied**. Details of our current service charges are available on request. We are happy to supply a copy of the original purchase invoice, receipt or bill for your inspection (a small fee may apply). All electronic transactions are conducted via a VPN, encrypted data communication. The purchasing system is independent, isolated from the billing system. They are not electronically linked.  So it is almost impossible for a "bad-actor" to gain access to one side of the system and determine or associate a purchase transaction with a sales transaction or vice versa. All purchases are made on a different internet connection/line than our billing system.
We do everything in our power to protect the purchasers’ identity from the supplier of the goods. The product code on our sales invoice will not provide any discernible clue to anyone other than the purchaser as to the actual product we have invoiced for.

If you would like us to purchase or procure an item on your behalf simply email us at discreetpurchasing@sewing.co.uk with details and we will do the rest.

* Subject to all obligations under UK law.
** Further charges for time invested may apply for special sourcing.



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