1 colour print origination

1 colour print origination
1 colour print origination1 colour print origination1 colour print origination
Unit price.:  £81.91(Exc. 20% VAT.).

Bulk order discount bands:  Discounts of 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% are available when you order 10, 20, 40 and 51 units or more of this product.

Code::  1colourprintorigination

Sales unit = 1.

This "one-off" origination charge(artwork/plates etc) will not apply if you reprint the same image/text withn 3 years.

To order this item simply select the correct option and quantity in the fields above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

Please see below for product details & discount options.

1 colour print onto 9.5mm (3/8" approx) wide Cut, fused-edge acetate satin ribbon.

This "one-off" origination charge will not apply if you reprint the same image/text withn 3 years.

This item is normally used where the end-user will dispose of it after use, as packaging ribbon, one-off use such as ties on items etc. Whilst action of the cutting seals the edge of the ribbon. It will eventually "fray" slightly after very heavy/repeated use so it is not recommended for use on garments or where it will receive long-term manipulation. This is our most popular custom printed base ribbon for use in package/gift/promotional item wrapping etc.

1:) Select your base ribbon colour.
2):Select your print colour.
3).Place your order. Please advise any special requirements or comments you may have during the check-out process. You will, almost instantly, receive an order acknowledgement.  Once you have received your order acknowledgement send us your text/logo details by email to:  customprint@SupplyDivision.co.uk using your order number, as advised in your acknowledgement, as the subject.
4). You will shortly receive a representation to inspect and "sign-off" prior to us proceeding to printing. Return that to us and your order will go staight into production

It's as simple as that.

Details & costs:
The minimum order quantity for this item printed is 500m. We can print most colours of ink, including Gold or Silver foil onto the whole shade range(see left). We would always recommend, whenever possible, printing dark onto light. i.e the colour of ink should be darker than the colour of the base ribbon.
There is an origination/plate charge in addition to the printing price. This charge is a non-repeatable if you choose to reprint the image within 3 years of your original order, after which we destroy the plates and they will no longer be available. Despatch on this custom printed item is normally within 21 days from receipt of payment.

You are, of course, very welcome to call us to discuss your order prior to placing it.

Please see above for our current printable shade options. 

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