6 cord 5mm elastic ring A4, 50 pack


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Sales unit = 50 pieces. Please select your option(s) from the drop-down fields above.
Stock advice: Black & White with nickel silver clips, Metallic gold with gold coloured clip & Metallic silver with nickel silver clip are normally availalbe for immediate(subject to stock availability) dispatch from stock. All other combinations are bespoke, made to order.

Product information below.
Non-stock options are made to order with a lead-time for dispatch of approx 5-7 working days from order(quantity/workload dependent). See Express make & dispatch options above if your requirement is urgent.
This A4 sized option is made in Great Britain. It is approximately 570mm in circumference, it will comfortably stretch to larger/over-sized(up to approx 380mm tall) but will obviously assert more "pull-back" the further the stretch. Do not overstretch! It is supplied in units of 50pcs and is available with 3 clip options as above.

Black elastic/silver clip option is usually available for immediate dispatch from stock(subject to stock availability). All other options are made to order, see below. Black and white elastic rings are made from our standard imported 6 cord elastic, colours are made from UK made product, SD colours are slightly wider and firmer than the other colours. Colours are listed in the order they are shown in the image EXCEPT for Royal Blue which is a new addition to our range.

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If you need a non-stock option quickly? Select our "express make option" for a 36hr turnaround(one option = 200 to 1000 pcs). Available on shades marked "SD" only,

This item contains latex.

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If you only require a small quantity of this item or cannot meet our minimum order value please use TrueTrim.com HERE.

Other, custom sizes also available to order.

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  Made in Great Britain