Premium, 100% cotton cord.


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This item is also available from stock in cut lengths and to order in tied loops.

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Our sustainable White* fine soft 1mm(approx.)and our semi polished( a little firmer than our 1mm) 2mm 100% cotton cord is sold on spools. 1mm soft has a yield of approximately 1050m spool & 2mm semi-polished has approximately 550m per spool.

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*This is a natural-white, a very light cream.

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Biodegradable: Yes Compostable: Yes

Made in GB. low carbon miles.




This natural-white fine soft 1mm(approx) and polished 2mm 100% cotton cord is supplied on reels of approx 1Kg. 1mm has a yield of approx 1150m and 2mm approx 600m per Kg.

This item is also available from stock in cut lengths and to order in tied loops.

Please remember that unbleached or raw cotton is exactly that. It receives the minimum of processes required to provide the correct characteristics for it's handling. Natural bacteria and airborne aromas can easily be absorbed. On some occasions unbleached cotton items can have a slight "musty or hay" odour, this is not a defect. It is a natural characteristic of unbleached cotton. It usually dissipates quite quickly once the product is exposed to the air.

AKA: RS43 & RN5, parcel twine, florist twine, pure cotton twine, macrami cord,