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Cord "T"-tag 100pcs


Sales unit = 100pcs(Minimum order 300pcs)
Stock advice: Bespoke, made to order.

Product information.
Custom made rigid cord* T-tags**. Ideal for hanging POS items/signs, removable/re-usable tags and carry bags etc.
Here you will find the most popular options we are asked for;  2mm nylon, 2mm Jute, 2.5mm polypropylene, plus for bags and as retaining tags 4mm & 6mm braided polypropylene with integral inner cord for strength and integrity. Colour; Black(all cords), White(all cords except jute) or Natural(Jute only). Length(if the length you want is not listed please select the next size up and clearly advise your desired length in the comments section of the checkout). "T" type; Standard "T"(Nickel or Black) 5mm approx. x 19mm approx. (fits through a standard "hole-punch" hole) or Micro "T"(Nickel only) 4mm approx. x 17mm.approx. and the quantity(minimum order 300pcs).and lastly, the
make & dispatch option***.

We can make our "T" tags from most of our narrow cords, ribbons and tapes. if the option you want is not listed please feel free to contact us to discuss.            
*This is a rigid, non stretch cord. Please see HERE for elastic options.
Treasury tag, tongue tag, "T-end", Terminal tags.
***Standard make & dispatch, normally dispatched within 7-10 days from order, Express make & dispatch, normally dispatched within 48hrs(not including Saturday & Sunday) from order.

Why do the short ones cost more? The handling/making speed on the short lengths significantly slower than that for 150mm+ lengths.
If your order is urgent/critical or more than 2500pcs+ and you require the express service please contact us to determine availabillity before checking-out.