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Recycled polyester 3mm Woven edge double satin ribbon, 500m.


Sales unit = 500m

Product information below.
(1/8" approx) wide woven edge double satin ribbon supplied on reels of 500m(sales unit). Made from rPET, 100% recycled polyester yarn.This is identical in every way to the item made from new yarn except it is made from yarn which is produced from recycled produtc(certified).. Available to order in the shades listed.  Please see above for bulk order discounts.

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Made from recycled polyester yarn.

3mm wide woven edge double satin ribbon made from yarn produced from recycled polyester (rPET). It is identical in every way to the item made from new yarn except it helps the plant a little better..rPET plastic is very sustainable, as it can be from 100% completely recycled product. This means that RPET products have a lower carbon footprint than Virgin PET items, and it takes less energy to recycle and create an RPET item than to manufacture a Virgin PET one  Available in 3 shades. It is supplied on reels of 500m. It is only available in the shades listed and only on reels of 500m. It can also be supplied in cut lengths (minimums & price are dependant on width/length/quantity. Please contact us with details). If the option you require is not listed please feel free to contact us if you require more than 5000m of this item we can discuss further, enhanced discounts over those listed below.. Please contact us us with exact details of your requirements. Recycled polyeste rfrom a drinks bottle will make sufficient yarn to weave approximatley 70 metres of 3mm ribbon. Please note that we are trade/bulk suppliers and as such stock availability is not always guaranteed. In the event of a delay in dispatching your desired item we may elect to substitute another item if we consider it to be a close enough match. We do this to ensure your production is not held up waiting for a dye-lot etc. If you cannot accept that please ensure you advise us in the comments during check-out. AKA_Double faced satin, Double satin, 3501,7440,  D/S, 10mm woven edge double satin,

=  Made in Great Britain  .