A4 Elastic ring, 570mm circ, 100 pack.


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Sales unit = 100pack.
Stock advice: Please contact us to determine availability before ordering.

Product information below. Our quality 2mm round elastic custom made in the UK into a ring/loop for A4 sized items. Unstretched this is approx. 570mm in circumference, it can easily accommodate "over-sized" A4 items (designed to hold A4 portrait or A3 landscape). 

Prefer the NEW flat elastic option? Go HERE. Need a shade/option not offered above? Try HEREIf you need less than 100pcs, try HERE.

Standard UK size availability : A3, A4, A5,A6. 

This item is produced for an A4 item. (297mm tall). It is approximately 570mm in circumference. It will easily stretch to larger/over-sized items(folders for A4 paper etc.),  but will obviously assert more "pull-back" the larger the item.

A4 Order of Service / Menu / folder ring. The approximate circumference of an A4 ring is 570mm. It will stretch to larger/over-sized items but will obviously assert more "pull-back" the further the stretch.
 This 2mm(approx) round elastic item is approx 570mm in circumference un-stretched. It can easily accommodate "over-sized" folders. Gold & Silver metalic elastic items are slightly thinner than our standard elastic colour range. It is normally made of our 2mm round elastic with a steel clip. It is supplied from stock in packs of 100 in the colours as currently listed in the drop-down field above. Please see above for bulk order discounts. Need a shade not offered here, try
HERE. We can make these elastic loops to custom sizes also. If the option/quantity you require is not listed/available please email us with details of your requirements.

If you only require a small order quantity of this item please try TrueTrim.com HERE.

  Made in Great Britain   

Aka: ASS-ELAL/YA4, MENU RING, folder ring, order of service loop,  elastic loop,

Circulated by a competitor in November 2018;  We would not be embarrassed, we would be mortified to deliver the kind of quality that some of our competitors are happy to supply, see below:

See below for a comparison between our elastic loops and a competitors.