Ecru 2mm round elastic 100m reel


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Product information below.
Sales unit = 100m.
 If only require a small quantity of this item please try via  HERE.

This 2mm(approx) round elastic is sold on 100m reels.

See HERE for an alternative, more cost effective option.

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This item could be supplied in cut lengths(cut on precision, CNC equipment).

2mm(approx)diameter round elastic put-up on 100m reels. The extension on this item is approximately 230% (1m will stretch to approximately 2.3m) . Please see above for discount bands.

See HERE for an alternative option.

This item can be supplied in cut-lengths. And/or in made up assemblies. Price will be dependent on the length & quantity. (Minimum normally 1000pcs.)  Please contact us with details of your requirements.

The approximate reel dimensions are 115mm tall x 115mm diameter and the reel shipping weight is approx 310g

If only require a small quantity of this item please try via  HERE

This product is/may also have been known as: 40019, Hat elastic.