ESCP m120 - SHADE RANGE 1000y/914m COPS


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Product information below.
Sales unit = 1000y/914m cop(minimum order 5 cops per colour).

Our standard, "work-horse" spun-polyester m120's industrial sewing thread is supplied here on 1000y/914m cops. Please see above for bulk order discounts. For m120's 5000y cones please go HERE and for m75's go HERE

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If you only require a small quantity of this item please try HERE

Standard "work-horse" m120's spun polyester industrial sewing thread. Please see above for bulk order per-shade discount bands.

Put-up on 1000y/914m cops(minimum order just 5 cops per shade).100+ shades available!

If the option/quantity you require is not listed/available please email us with details of your requirements.

We are trade suppliers and are ALWAYS prepared to discuss bulk order or non-standard enquires. If the item/option you require is not listed please contact us with details of your requirement. 

AKA: Spunpoly, 40/2, m120, Tex 27, Astra, Epic, Moon, Cometa, 55081010

If you only require a small quantity of this item please try via HERE