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Premium polished Jute spool


Sales unit = 1 reel.
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Product information below:

Our premium polished 2mm(approx.)natural Jute* is supplied precision wound on spools of approximately 500m.
Please do not confuse this with the nasty, "rough, hairy/smelly and weak", unrefined "junk" used for gardening etc.  Our item is processed & polished, smooth & refined, greatly reducing chance of loose fibres escaping into the air and irritating breathing/causing respiratory issues or clinging to and reducing the visial appeal of your produxts. It is clean finished and neatly presented/packaged.
Currently available off the shelf  in natural. This shade is generally regarded as similar to the colour of cardboard .To order this item simply select the required length/quantity from the fields above add to basket  then check-out.  This is a 3-ply premium quality polished jute. As with all natural products this item can vary slightly in shade and diameter, which for most, in addition to its biodegradable nature, is its "charm".
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* In contrast to the heavy requirement & highly processed cotton crop, Jute is usually a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer or pesticides. It has good natural UV resistance.

Biodegradable : Yes
Compostable : Yes

Country of Origin:  United Kingdom

The item can have a slight aroma, described by most as "straw-like" which is a natural characteristic of the product and only really dectable if held to the nose or if freshly wound/cut and bagged, it is not a defect.This is a 3-ply premium quality polished jute. Many people are mistaken as they believe hemp and jute are the same fibre. They do not orignate from the same plant.

Biodegradable: Yes.
Note: Alternative, aka's, similar or previous product code(s) for this item: 12/4,  jute, flax, Linum usitatissimum, twine, knotting cord, whipping cord,