Cords made from Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Rayon etc.

Trade and wholesale supplies of fine cord from 0.5mm to 12mm diameter rope.
Please see sub-categories below.

Looking for "stretchy cord" try VKPC in 2.5mm-3.9mm cords.  

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We are trade suppliers and customise, cut or tie many of our high tenacity ropes & twines, cords, elastics, ribbons, tapes and webbing to order.  If you cannot find exactly what you require please email us with the details of your requirement.
We can supply most items in cut-lengths to order(minimums will apply, item/length dependent). If you require a sample please go HERE.


Fine cords.

Ultrafine Cords 0.5mm Approx.

1mm-2mm cords

Cords approx 1mm-2mm diameter

2.5mm-3.9mm cords

Cords 2.5mm to 3.9mm Approx.

4mm cord

4mm Approx.Cords

5mm to 6mm cord

Approx. 5mm to 6mm  cords

8mm+ Cords and All Ropes

8mm+ Cords & All ropes



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