9mm Standard weave Polypropylene webbing

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Our premium quality assured* 9mm wide standard heavy weave polypropylene webbing is normally supplied on reels of 1000m(also available in a 100m sample reel, 100m reel is wound-down to order, if ordered late in the day this 100m option may not dispatch the same day). Once logged in please see above for bulk order discounts. We can cut and supply this to order and make up into assemblies also. Looking for something a little wider? Try 13mm HERE.  To order this item simply select the quantity required in the field above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

*Quality assurance standard: ISO9001 2015
Produced under: OEKO-TEX 100.

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Technical characteristics:

Width 9mm + 1/- 0 mm ; Warp ends 25 ; Warp yarn 1100 dtex Polypropylene ; Weft 1100 dtex  Polypropylene ; Picks 13 per 25mm +/-1 ; Locking thread 1/167 dtex Textured Polyester ; Locking system 3 ; Woven construction Plain ; Weight 4 g/m Nominal ; Breaking strain 90 kgf Nominal ; The reel  height is approximately250mm (10") and the diameter is 270mm(11"). It's weight is approx.5Kgs per 1000m reel

Note:  These characteristics are given as part of the specification and may be modified to accommodate additional requirements.This item is made in the UK and complies with both RohS and REACH.

Polypropylene is relatively inexpensive but has excellent properties. High tenacity strength is available (Up to 7g/den). Elongation – up to 25% at break point. Abrasion – polypropylene has good resistance to abrasion.  Moisture – polypropylene is not affected by moisture. It is lighter than water and will usually float. Temperature – the melting point is 160°C. It is not really suitable for high temperature applications. Low temperature resistance is very good maintaining strength and flexibility down to -70°C. Polypropylene is inert to most common chemicals. This make is very suitable for chemical resistance applications.

  Made in Great Britain  .

 Please note that there may be a difference in the polypropylene items across sizes.