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Wednesday, 18 March 2020  |  Customer Services

Many of you will know that we are already "isolated".  The main offices are over 100m from the nearest building not controlled by us and 5 miles from the nearest town. We are not situated on an industrial estate nor in a high traffic area. Some items are stored off-site at unmanned remote locations also

Staff are provided with whatever safety equipment is necessary or they ask for and are isolated from one another and do not have contact with any delivery or collection couriers. We can operate reasonably efficiently without any issues even if 90% of our staff are unable to attend. We deep clean the packing bay every evening and it is UV bathed during the night.

We are stock-holders, or at least try to be! Currently we cannot see any issues with delivering our stock items to you in our usual prompt and timely manner. Although we are regrettably seeing some price increase at the factories , which we shall be forced to pass on, as they have to slow production and insert non-standard operations into their procedures

As an added support measure we are implementing a temporary "split order option" at no extra charge. For the next 30 days we are happy split any orders into two deliveries to two different delivery addresses at no additional cost to you. Simply add a delivery address and advise us in the comments field of the order how you would like the goods/order splitting and we will try our hardest to accommodate that for you.

So, for us it's business as usual (or as close as we can make it). We will advise here is we ahve to shut.

We sincerely hope this virus outbreak has not seriously affected a loved one and that your business continuity plan is robust and capable. If we can assist you, even with any "off the wall" enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be delighted to help in any way possible.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our service and products and are happy to continue to be the market leader in our industry.  Ensuring you of our best possible service at all times.

Kind regards,



During these extraordinary times as part of our social responsibility program SupplyDivision is strictly applying all anti-viral recommendations and protocols issued by the UK Government and local Health Authorities:

P.S. We are 100% powered by renewable energy.

Friday, 13 March 2020  |  Customer Services

COVID-19: Progress and Business Continuity Plan

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Some popular items.
Polished Jute cord tied loops
Polished Jute cord tied loops

Bio-degradable; Approx 2mm natural Jute cord. Tied loops bundles in 50's.

Jeans buttons
Jeans buttons

Jeans buttons and associated items.

£11.99  -  £53.42
1mm Waxed cotton cut lengths: 250 pack
1mm Waxed cotton cut lengths: 250 pack

1mm Waxed cotton cord cut lengths

£10.71  -  £29.86
Flax elasticated cord cut 1000pcs
Flax elasticated cord cut 1000pcs

Bio-degradable Flax; Approx 1mm natural flax wound onto elastic cord cut lengths. In units of approximatley 1000pcs (Packed by weight).

Steel based ''T'' clip Article: DC19PSTEEL-NP-CLIP
200mm Circ-100mm Long Pretied Loop, 1000 pack.
200mm Circ-100mm Long Pretied Loop, 1000 pack.

Pre-tied elastic Loop 200mm Circ>>100mm Long 1000pcs

1mm Waxed cotton SDWXCT-01-SDL- REEL
1mm Waxed cotton SDWXCT-01-SDL- REEL

1mm Waxed cotton cord on reels

£7.30  -  £45.42
Jute cord cut lengths
Jute cord cut lengths

Bio-degradable Approx 2mm natural jute cord, twine. Cut lengths.

£12.66  -  £31.00
260mm Circ>>130mm Long Pretied Loop 1000pcs
260mm Circ>>130mm Long Pretied Loop 1000pcs

Pre-tied elastic Loop approx. 260mm Circ>>130mm Long 1000pcs

£50.52  -  £58.42


   We supply "key companies & individuals", some of our items are used in medical applications and innovative product development. In order to support 
this vital work we shall continue to process and dispatch orders placed electronically. UK Tel: +441978720072 (a non-standard ringtone may apply).