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Like everyone we would dearly like to say we were able to supply your order with no plastic used. However today that is not possible, perhaps in the future once reliable and cost effective options become available it will be the norm.
We are today launching some new initiatives to try to remove or reduce any plastic we send to you. We have added two new delivery options. Both offer zero or minimal plastic options. Why minimal and not guaranteed zero plastic? Because many of our industrial items are wound, reeled or presented on plastic cores or cones and it is currently impossible for us substitute them at the warehouses. What we can offer is to remove and dispose of all unnecessary plastic sent to us with your goods and use none or minimal plastic in our packaging sent to you.

Regretfully this is not currently a "cheap" option as we will obviously incur much higher waste disposal costs, have to invest considerably more time in packing the items and use higher priced substitutes to ensure the items still arrive with you in pristine condition. This option currently attracts a premium for that service, which we have kept to the minimum by subsidising it. Hopefully soon it will become the standard.

We realise this is a small contribution but hopefully it will snowball and with everyone doing it perhaps we can "force" the producers to provide plastic free deliveries sooner than they had planned. We have recently become a 100% renewable energy consumer, helping to off-set our operating energy use. Every little thing we do helps, hopefully the large consumers will get the message sooner rather than later.

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P.S. We are 100% powered by renewable energy.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019  |  Customer Services

Winter hours.

Some popular items.
Flax cord tied loops
Flax cord tied loops

Bio-degradable; Approx 1mm natural flax cord. Tied loops bundled in 50pcs.

6mm(approx) flat Metallic Lurex Elastic.
6mm(approx) flat Metallic Lurex Elastic.

6mm wide flat Metallic Elastic

£9.00  -  £23.02
1mm Waxed cotton cut lengths: 250 pack
1mm Waxed cotton cut lengths: 250 pack

1mm Waxed cotton cord cut lengths

£10.71  -  £29.86
Luggage and Tag elastic: Colours
Luggage and Tag elastic: Colours

Fine Coloured luggage tag/mask elastic

Flax elasticated cord on spool (Kg)
Flax elasticated cord on spool (Kg)

Bio-degradable Flax; Approx 1mm natural flax wound onto elastic cord. Sold by weight(Kg's)

25mm(1'') White Curtain Header tape 100m roll
2mm 4AA-RN Nylon cord, Approx 280m spool
2mm 4AA-RN Nylon cord, Approx 280m spool

Fine, Nylon cord on approximately 280m rolls.

£36.43  -  £38.79
Tape-measure, assorted colours
Tape-measure, assorted colours

Tape-measures assorted colours

1.3mm 13AA-RN Nylon cord, Approx 500m spool
1.3mm 13AA-RN Nylon cord, Approx 500m spool

1.3mm braided 100% Nylon braided cord on approximately 500m spools

£36.43  -  £37.82


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