8mm pure UNBLEACHED Cotton cord 100m reel


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Our quality braided (double braid) 8mm(approx.) diameter unbleached 100% pure cotton cord is supplied on reelsof 100. This specialist "braid in braid" cord is finely braided and extremely stable and consistant. It is produced to a very high specification. Please see above for bulk order discounts.

To order this item simply select the quantity required in the field above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically. This item is braided (plaited) for stability, not twisted as some of the cheaper, less stable cords are. It is a natural, unbleached & undyed product so batches could vary slightly in shade.

Biodegradable:Yes.  Compostable: Yes..

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Article: 8mm(approx)  100% pure unbleached cotton cord. Sold in units of 100m reels. This item is braided (plaited) for stability,  not twisted. The shade of natural, raw or un-dyed products can vary across batches/sizes. 

All data are provided for guidance purposes only and are given in good faith. The item should be confirmed for end-use conformity by comprehensive testing prior to use.

Please see above for bulk order discount bands.

Origin: We have this item manufactured in 3 different countries however the specification is exactly the same from each source and it will not vary from our individual specification. Please remember that unbleached or raw cotton is exactly that. It receives the minimum of processes required to provide the correct characteristics for it's handling. Natural bacteria and airborne aromas can easily be absorbed. On some occasions unbleached cotton items can have a slight "hay" odour, this is not a defect. It is a natural characteristic of unbleached cotton. It usually dissipates quite quickly once the product is exposed to the air.

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This item can be supplied in cut-lengths. Price & lead-time will be dependant on length & quantity etc. Minimums, starting at 1000pcs will apply.  Please contact us with details of your requirements.

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