N25mm Knitted elastic, 100m.

N25mm Knitted elastic, 100m.
 N25mm Knitted elastic, 100m.N25mm Knitted elastic, 100m. 

Code::  ELKTD/25MM/BLK/100
Part Number:  25mm NL Knitted elastic Black 100m

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Sales  unit - 100m. Please chose an option from the drop-down field above.

Stock advice:  Currently available in Black ONLY, See HERE for White.

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25mm knitted elastic, supplied in units of 100m. Please see above for bulk order discounts.

To order this item simply select the quantity required in the field above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

This item can be supplied to order in cut-lengths.

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This item will contain latex.

If you only require a small quantity of this please use TrueTrim.com.

Imported 25mm (1") knitted elastic.

This economical 25mm knitted elastic is imported and not made to the same specifiactions as our standard UK product. We offer this item in response to the "cheap" poor quality imports currently flooding the market.  It is sold in units of 100m (4 x 25m rolls).

Available from stock in Black or White.   Please see above for bulk order discount bands.

We can also offer a quality knitted product to order. It is made from heat-set yarn with a shrinkage of 5% or less. The item is generally availalbe lap-folded in cartons.

Knitted elastic is generally used with lighter weight fabrics than woven elastic.. DO NOT confuse the weight with the quality, they just have different characteristics. There are high and low qualities in both knitted and woven elastics.

This item can be supplied in pre-cut lengths or made-up endless rings(sewn).  Minimums will start at approximately 1000pcs, size/length dependant. If you require cut lengths or rings please contact us with details and we would be delighted to quote. We can also supply this continuously "lap-folded" in cartons.  Please contact us with details of your requirements)

We are trade suppliers and are ALWAYS prepared to discuss discounts against bulk order enquires. If the item/option you require is not listed please contact us with details of your requirement.  

Q. How do I identify I have/need a knitted elastic?
A: The yarn will be in a distinctive "U" shaped "wave pattern". Hold the item up to the light and extend it. You can generally see through a knitted elastic when it is stretched.  It is very much lighter in weight than woven elastic.

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