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KPR1 dies for 10mm Plastic Breather Eyelet set


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Sales unit = Cutting set, Closing set or both sets.

Product information below:
This precision tool set is made to "cold-set" our 10mm plastic breather eyelet, it is supplied in 3 options: Just the two part cutting set, just the two part closing/setting set or the complete four part cutting and closing set.

Simple is best. This tooling is precision made in the UK from hardened and tempered steel. Whilst at first glance it may appear "simple" the design is particular to the correct and consistent setting of our plastic breather eyelet. If the profile on any of the tools were just 1 micron out it would not perform and provide a quality and secure setting. We try to keep tools in stock to support all our stock eyelets, rivets, studs and fasteners however from time to time we will go out of stock. If your requirement is urgent please contact us to determine the current lead-time order.

Precision engineered dieset to set our Plastic Breather eyelet sets on our  KPR1 press.

A 2 part cutting(hole cutter) and/or 2 part closing dieset for our plastic Breather Eyelet.  Available options are 10mm & 12mm eyelets.

(Please note from time to time the style of this tool set may be refined. Image for reference purposes only.) Our standard fitting is a male shank of 9.5mm (3/8") diameter.

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This. item is made in the UK. It may be manufactured from or contain imported components/constituent parts.

  Made in Great Britain