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Product information below.
KPR1 (Foot operated ratchet press).

Please see scroll down for some setting demonstrations.

SupplyDivision's KPR1 foot operated ratchet press is specifically designed for the manual, consistent setting of eyelets, rivets, studs and press-fasteners into textiles & also stationery items such as card & folders etc. Precise horizontal tool alignment and adjustable vertical height settings can be "locked-in" to ensure that a successful machine action produces a perfectly set item, every time.

Tools/dies are supplied separately as they are specific to each fastener, eyelet, stud, rivet or application. We carry a comprehensive range of tools/dies to support all our stock components and can even make tooling for other manufacturers components and machinery.

This press has a fine adjustment option to facilitate the correct tension
setting every time and, unlike cheaper copies does not rely on operator "judgement" as to how long or hard to push the foot treadle. Thus eliminating loosely set items from operator fatigue or misjudgement. This robust "work-horse" press will faithfully serve you for years. It is versatile and is designed to accept a wide range of our tooling. It's design has remained almost unchanged for a century, it just works every time. It is simple to use, it's tools are easily swapped with just one retaining screw for each and it sits neatly anywhere with a footprint of just 50cm x 50cm

See below for product details and setting demonstrations on some of our eyelets, rivets & popfasteners.  See HERE for some rental options.

We do sometimes have ex-rental or demonstrator machines available which we offer at greatly reduced prices. If so they can usually be seen in THIS SECTION

This item is made in the UK, helping sustain and support a quality, skilled UK workforce.

  Made in Great Britain  .  


KPR1 (Foot operated ratchet press). Do not confuse our press with the "cheap", poor quality items flooding the country on popular "auction style" portals and "pop-up" sites. Many are sold at a low price with some eyelets or studs to entice customers, however we regularly receive calls from purchasers of those who are unable to obtain components to fit the tools that the press was supplied with or spares to repair the premature failure of tools or press.

A foot press is far more efficient than a hand press, as it frees up both hands to precisely control and manipulate the work. Once your KPR1 is set you can be confident that every item will be set at the correct pressure, virtually eliminating "failures" and the consequences of customer complaints, returns or worse. This press has remained almost unchanged in design/function for over a 100 years.  It is very easy to use and produces a consistent and secure product every time. Due to the versatility of this press ( tooling shapes and applications) there are no finger "guards"  made for it. The operator is in control of when to perform the action so they are therefore advised to ensure that body parts and loose clothing are not be trapped in the tooling when they initiate any press action.

Please click HERE for a data sheet. See HERE for rental information.

KPR1 is supplied complete on a stand which incorporates two side trays for stud part storage. It is designed to attach most press fasteners, rivets eyelets, jeans buttons etc(see above). It is extremely versatile and can be used for placing piercing trim on most textiles or paper and card.

Approx dimensions: 
Overall height 121cm:  Height of worktop 80cm: Width of worktop 50cm; Depth of worktop 50cm: Footprint 50cm x 50cm Approx. Total weight 30Kg

See below for product setting demonstrations:

We supply a full range of dies, which are made in the UK by very skilled engineers of hardened & tempered steel to fit our own ranges of hardware or your existing studs or eyelets. It's fully floating adjustable base allows precision horizontal alignment and exact vertical locking in order to obtain the optimum pressure setting for your item.

Once up to speed KPR1 is rated at approx. 240 studs an hour, thus eliminating the need for expensive and high maintenance pneumatic or electric machinery. Ideal for out-workers, can be easily transported. The "foot-print" is just approx 50cm x 50cm (slightly smaller than a standard houshold appliance), so it is easily sited in most workshops or even domestic locations for home-workers.

All new machines are sold with a 6 months back to base warranty, but anyone who has seen our KPR1 knows that it's solid construction & simple internal design will facilitate many years of faithful, trouble-free service.

This item is made in the UK. It may be manufactured from or contain imported components/constituent parts.

AKA: Kick press,


  Made in Great Britain  .  

Product setting demonstrations:
Please go HERE to see our round plastic press fastener 02"X" series being set on our KPR1 press (021P shown in the demonstration. It is the same procedure for all sizes of this round plastic fastener).
Please go HERE to see our 032B pressfastener on our KPR1 press. This is the most widely used fastener.
Please go HERE to see our 051 heavy duty press fastener set on our KPR1 press.
Please go HERE to see our 4/7 lacing eyelet being set on our KPR1 press. This eyelets is predominantly used in the bridal wear, corset, shoe & belt sectors. It is also used regularly in stationery.
Please go HERE to see a standard metal eyelet cut & set on our  KPR1 press. It is the same procedure for most sizes of standard metal eyelets.
Please go HERE to see our plastic breather eyelet set on our KPR1 press.
Please go HERE to see our 012B cap rivet & nail set on our KPR1 press. This rivet is popular with manufacturers using denim. It provides a very simple and secure solution for reinforcing and riveting items.

030B series

030B series

16mm internal(approx) eyelet.

£90.09  -  £331.28

031B pressfastener-ring-sets

031B pressfastener-ring-sets

031B pressfastener.

£32.97  -  £188.34

Heavy-Duty pressfastener 051

Heavy-Duty pressfastener 051

Heavy Duty Ring spring pressfastener. 051B = Brass based rustless. 051S = Steel based rustable

£50.53  -  £255.89

KPR1 dies for 02''X'' Plastic pressfastener kit

KPR1 dies for 02"X" Plastic pressfastener kit

Dieset to set our 032B popfastener 10mm Ring set popfastener on our KPR1 press.


KPR1 dies for 4-7eyeletpluswasher

KPR1 dies for 4-7eyeletpluswasher

Dieset to set our 4/7 lacing eyelet & washer set on our KPR1 press


KPR1 dies for 500 and 700 series eyelets

KPR1 dies for 500 and 700 series eyelets

Dieset to set our 500 or 700 series eyelet & washer set on our KPR1 press


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