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Double Tubular Rivets


Sales unit = 1000 components.

Double Tubular rivets: Size/finish availability as drop-down field above. 
Product Information below.This item is sold in 1000 individual components per item. The "number" designates the diameter of the cap/post bottom and the letter the item: ie. 5C is a cap which has an approximate diameter of 5mm etc. C = Cap, CP = Capped post & P = Post. To order this item simply select the correct option and quantity in the fields above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

C = Cap, CP = Capped post & P = Post.

A cap (C) and a capped-post (CP) are used for similar appearance on each side of the item. A cap (C) and post (P) should be used when the rear view is not required to match the front. The following combinations are possible, measurements are to closest mm.  9C(cap) or 11C(cap) with any of the following; 9CP(capped post, 9mm pre-set length), 11CP (capped post, 11mm pre-set length), 8P(post, 9mm pre-set length) or 10P(post, 11mm pre-set length), 9CP(capped post) or 11CP(capped post, 11mm pre-set length) with any of the following; 9C(cap) or 11C(cap).and

5C(cap) to 5P(post). This item is normally set on our KPR1 press.  We are not aware of a "hand" tool to set it.