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Heavy-Duty 15mm pressfastener 051

Code::  PF051B/NKL/1000SETS

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Sales unit = 1000(sets or individual component).
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Normally available for immediate dispatch from stock.

Product information below.
Our 15mm(cap diameter) heavy duty ring-spring press fastener is available in two options, brass based (rust-less) for applications that may encounter wet or damp conditions and a lower priced steel based option, for dry environments.  It is supplied in units of 1000, sets or individual components. Please see above for bulk order discounts. See below for further information.

051B = Brass based, rustless
051S = Steel based, not rustless.

Please note: "Long" stem(approx 10mm), components,  if available from stock,  have and 2-3 day extended dispatch. If the item is out of stock it could be up to 8 weeks for replenishment. If you require "long" stem items please check availability before ordering.

To order this item simply select the correct option and quantity in the fields above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

Please note "S" steel based options are sold in sets only.

Please go HERE for a smaller size option in this fastener type.

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Heavy Duty Ring spring pressfastener. 
Please see above for bulk order discounts.

051B = Brass based rustless
051S = Steel based not rustless.

Please note "S" steel based options are sold in sets only.

This 15mm capped item is sold in 1000 sets or individual components for those that use more of one component in their application. Please see the image above for component designation/identity. They are shown under/above their normal "mating" part. ie A (cap) normally secures "B" female component.

The special "dyed to order" cap option has a nylon outer which can be dyed to most shades. It has a "mat" finish, not shiny. We normally recommend that the customer supplies us with a cutting of the fabric to match to so the "dye recipe" can be adjusted to get the closest match possible. 

Please go HERE for small size option(s) in this fastener type.

We offer a long stemmed bronze cap and a nickel long post for applications requiring fixing through thick stock.

Go HERE to see this item being set on our KPR1 press

In some applications(curtain tie backs/ headrest covers etc) the "C" (male part) is secured by a flat head screw through it's centre to walls/boards  etc: the "A" (cap) is used to secure the "B" part and the "D" part is not used.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss this item

If you only require a small quantity please try TrueTrim.com  HERE.

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